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So, it will be the Greens who decide, right? Because, if the CDU, as some have said, will look at a black traffic light coalition (black, yellow, green) the Greens would have to accept that and I would really be amazed if they would.

If the FDP denies to get into a coalition with the SPD (geesh, what kind of jokers are sitting in the FDP these days?), the SPD has only the Greens and the PDS to form a coalition and Schroeder said, he will not go into a coalition with the PDS. He also said he will not go into a coalition with CDU.

So, darn, what are these guys going to do then?

I guess it will be a SPD/CDU coalition, because Merkel isn't really too much opposed to it, which may be the deciding factor in the end.

What's your thinking right now?

by mimi on Sun Sep 18th, 2005 at 02:02:32 PM EST

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