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Wow, thanks. That was an even better eye-opener than the Spiegel report I found.

Laws regarding citizenship and nationality are based on ethnicity in Germany, and thus immigration policies become racist, too. Nevertheless, if you look how much even immigrants, who are "ethnically correct Germans, i.e. "Auslandsdeutsche" with German anchestors like "Russian" Germans, are discriminated against in Germany today, rhetoric used by Lafontaine is unforgivable. I got a very distinct taste of that kind of resentments against even the "true white German-anchestry immigrants" on my last two trips to Germany in my hometown, so it's not just racist against the non-white immigrants, it's against immigrants, plain and simple. I wonder how LaFontaine could have sunken to deeply so cheaply. Originally he might just have been concerned with true economic issues. Oh well, here goes the neighborhood.

by mimi on Mon Sep 19th, 2005 at 05:15:17 PM EST
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