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They'd be my first choice if it looked like they had a chance of getting over the five percent barrier. That doesn't look likely - shows how in tune I am with the Polish electorate.

Familiar feeling... :-(

Many thanks for this detailed summary!

Before, I always wondered why Poland has three far-right parties, turns out it has just one. Samoobrona was most interesting, From the little I read I assumed it is right-wing in the style of the onetime Smallholders' Party here in Hungary (but much more extreme).

Tough, worth to note, in our region on economic policy, conservatives, liberals and socialists were never on a left-right continuum, it's more like they were three poles, or three segments of a circle, with actual political movements always being some mix. (For example, what passed for communism in Central-Eastern Europe was almost always nationalistic, too.) Conservatives always liked economic control by the state, but their goal wasn't redistribution (well except fascists), but pure control, or preparing for the next war...

BTW, does that idiot really present Lukashenko as something positive? If I am not mistaken, Belarus still has state-run collective farming, but Leppner's supporters are smallholders, how does he reconcile that?

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by DoDo on Thu Sep 22nd, 2005 at 07:16:13 AM EST

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