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Yes, Lepper does explicitly present Lukashenko as positive. I believe he was also a manager on a state farm at some point (most of Poland's post 1956 agriculture was privately owned but in the 'recovered' i.e. former German territories, the old Junker estates were state run, there were also some state/collective farms elsewhere. Post '89 peasants on state farms were screwed - they were given land but nothing else. They became lost economies of scale and the state subsidies that had helped them.) But Lepper's appeal really is just pure ressentiment.  Unless you consider an economic 'policy' that calls for cutting taxes, raising spending, looting central bank reserves, creating custom barriers to EU imports, getting more subsidies from the EU, lowering the value of the zloty, and cutting interest rates as something that is meant seriously.

And yes, Polish politics aren't on a strictly economic policy spectrum. The most right wing on econ is the PO, then come the SLD and PiS tied, then the LPR, then Samoobrona. With the elimination of the left-liberals as a political force, the PO knows that regardless of how reactionary its economic policies are, there really isn't another choice available for those who don't care for the rhetoric of extreme nationalism or for the organized utterly cynical and ideology bereft group of lifelong kleptocrats that is the SLD.  The sad thing is that I would eagerly support a different ultra liberal program, one that took a chainsaw to the maze of regulations designed (often intentionally) to facilitate corruption and cronyism. But it's not like the PO is exactly crystal clean, just less corrupt than some of the others. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

by MarekNYC on Thu Sep 22nd, 2005 at 02:07:00 PM EST
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