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The PO is losing ground as all the other parties gang up on it. The PiS' on and off again love affair with the extreme right is in the on phase. To combat the PO they are emphasizing that they are well to the left of the PO on economic policy while being given a huge microphone by the extreme right media empire of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk who serves as the extreme right's eminence grise.  Rydzyk's folks are rather unhappy with the idea of the PO winning the elections since they view it as simply one local branch of the Jewish-masonic world  conspiracy.  Ideally Rydzyk would like an LPR-PiS government, failing that a PiS led PiS, LPR, Samoobrona one. Anything but a PO led PO-PiS coalition.

The PiS is also calling the PO leadership on its past support for the legalization of abortion, and saying that they are crypto-SLD types, pointedly reminding Poles that back in '92 the people now in the PO worked with, among others the SLD, to destroy a government based on an alliance between the political precursor of PiS and the extreme right. Furthermore the PiS is promising that it won't abandon foreign policy to those cosmopolitan traitors in the PO.

 In reality the PO doesn't give a damn about things like abortion or gay rights. The good little class warriors that they are, they know that for the wealthy and upper middle class abortions will always be available and that they can laugh at the fundies from the safety of their expensive  homes and nightlife spots. They do care about foreign policy, however, and that could be a source of conflict in the next government. The PO believes that the EU is great for Poland's economy and that Poland should strive for a better relationship with Germany out of pragmatic reasons.

(In case it isn't clear, I'm not that fond of the PO, I just really hate everybody else.)

by MarekNYC on Thu Sep 22nd, 2005 at 02:38:02 PM EST

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