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Could yo clarify what you mean by "ultra liberal on economic policy" in reference to the PO?  I'm getting very confused by the bandying about of the word liberal in various fora and I need a bit of help.  The US meaning of liberal is very different from the French meaning, for example, and the division seems to be between social and economic policies.  
["socially liberal" = progressive, left(ish), pro-diversity etc.  The kind of thing that the fundamentalist wing of the Republican party see as satanic - shortened to "liberal" in the US; "economically liberal"= also called the "Anglo saxon model", a basically right wing raft of economic policies - shortened to "liberal" in France.  Thus hearing an American refer to "ultra liberal on economic policy" I just need some help understanding what exactly this means]

[Coming from the UK, where "liberal" always meant fence-sitting centrists when I was groing up, it's doubly difficult to square everything, and the term "hard-line liberals" sounds like a complete oxymoron]

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by adhoc on Thu Sep 22nd, 2005 at 04:07:38 AM EST

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