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Ummm.......you do realize that the Christian Democractic party ruled uninterrupted for over fourty years under PR in Italy?? There were close to fifty governements over those forty years; absoluely extraordinary instablity combined with corruption, mafia-influence, prolifereation of parties, ad infinitum. All of this led ultimateley to Tangentopoli (probably the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Western civilization).

Italian voted overwhelmingly (about 86% in favor) to change to a predominaty majoritarian FPTP system. Things havenìt been perfect, but they have substantially improved as a result.

It is no coincedence that right now, at this very time, Berlusconi and the ex-CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATS are trying to pass a law to go back to PR!!

by gilgamesh (expat at 6719 dot it) on Thu Sep 22nd, 2005 at 05:29:14 AM EST

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