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After expressing concern yesterday, the EU Commission said it would not engage in the contract discussion between partner states Russia and the Ukraine.

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Tomorrow, a meeting has been set for the EU Energy Commission with all EU officials. Representatives from Russia, Ukraine and Gazprom will also attend the meeting.

European Commission Press Info

The European Union is pursuing a carefully neutral line in the spat over gas prices between Russia and Ukraine, refusing to blame either party. An emergency meeting of energy officials is set for 4 January, but the EU insists there is no supply crisis.

Brussels (RFE/RL) Jan. 3 -- The Russian-Ukrainian crisis has brought several responses from the European Union.

The European Commission today urged Russia and Ukraine to return to the negotatiating table in their dispute over gas prices. This came just hours before Russian and Ukrainian gas officials were reportedly due to meet later in the day to discuss their pricing dispute, which led Moscow to cut gas supplies to Ukraine.

Also in response to the crisis, the European Commission has called an emergency meeting of EU energy experts and industry representatives in Brussels on 4 January to assess the impact of the spat.

Russia's attempt on 1 January to cut gas deliveries to Ukraine led to considerable drops in gas supplies across Europe that depend on the same pipelines. Although it accuses Ukraine of siphoning off gas, Russia has now restored gas levels in Ukrainian pipelines to nearly precrisis levels.

European Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger said further talks between Moscow and Kyiv are the best way of overcoming the crisis. "At this point in time the commission urges the parties to the dispute to get back to the table of negotiations," he said. "The best possible solution would of course be for the parties to the dispute to solve the conflict between themselves. If that proved not to be possible, nothing is ruled out, nothing is ruled in [in terms of EU reaction]."  

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