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Best Wishes to all - especially in Good Health or Sustainability in recovering from any illness at present.

In The Hague a lot of fireworks displayed throughout the city center and suburbs. To avoid nasty crowd troubles, the city is now renowned for supporting neighborhood party coordination. To avoid large bonfires in city streets, the city council has given permission for large bonfires on the beach of the North Sea. Nasty rioting has been prevented in the last ten years!

Eurovision television has the traditional

Johann Strauss Waltz Concerts

Austria btw will have EU Presidency first six months and Putin's Russia will lead the G8 Nations on Finance and Economy. First item for discussion: democratic content of member nations and gas & oil distribution throughout the World - read U.S. and all Western energy consumers. I wonder whether there is any knowledge of assets to be found in the environment, climate and ecology.

Let 2006 be an EARTH YEAR :: have people unite globally to retake true democracy, whereby its leaders represent voters and not corporations.

Eisenhower's Message to his country!

Listeners all around the world can experience the New Year's Concert live on the internet by way of Live-Stream beginning at 11:15 CET.

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

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