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In a little more detail: mostly during the first elected government's time, some highway projects were written out in a build-and-operate contract for private consortia. (I note French companies were very active in this.) The result was highways that

  • were built low-quality (bumps and freezing damage forming quickly, cracking bridges),
  • had toll policies aimed at the more well-off,
  • ...but were so expensive (by local standards) that even the more well-off were dismayed,
  • hence, even much of the traffic that previously used the previously built sections of those highways chose the parallel country roads,
  • also hence, the operation of these consortia was deficitary.

This mess led in the end to big state bailouts/buyouts. (Rather than raised spending on railways. Of couse you all know that I'd preferred no highways built at all...)

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by DoDo on Wed Jan 18th, 2006 at 04:15:42 PM EST
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