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I am reposting here part of my comment from Monday's Breakfast and maybe chip in some more later on. Need to finish some other stuff first.

Well, Bob really has included most of the topics of the symposium. I was also impressed by Albert Hofmann, wonderful to see someone with 100 years so mental present an lucid. I do hope that I will be at that age as curious and full of wondering as he is. He must have been a very special person. The panelist all seem to have met him personally and seem to have been inspired by him. They spoke with respect, but more important with love of him. And it made no difference if the panelist was a Ordinarius of an University, a writer or a shaman, they seem to have been deeply touched by him. It is one more example how unreliable the press is, because this is an aspect I have not seen reported.

There were also small "happenings" (I don't know a better word). Some involving music and sound. One was sort of a concert of 1 hour, where they made audible first the sound of OM and the the sound of LSD. The explanation was that the frequency of LSD can be seen at the level of infrared, which has been transposed to an audible octave. To me it was an absolutely amazing experience. One of the panelist was also a wonderful pianist who gave impromptus, to guide into meditation. And on the last morning he improvised the mood and the topics of the panel, calling it a "a lullaby for George W. Bush", who was somehow present too, in form cartoons or jokes made by the panelist. I do hope the musical impromptu of Prof. Verres is true, because it ended relatively gently after a passage the went through "Mark und Bein" (translating somehow as going through "marrow and bone") - it seemed a hopeful ending.

The panelist were people who care deeply about what is going on in this world, who are connected to gaia and feel responsible. Not freaked out new agers, actually more like what I would expect from our politicians.

by Fran on Sat Jan 21st, 2006 at 10:28:50 AM EST

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