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True, but probably if oil hits 90-100$ in a rush in 2007 or because of a double jump (2006 and 2007), then we will probably have the period 2007-2011 to adapt. One part of the adaptation will be proably to secure the 80 million barrels a day necessary for ten more years.
So the transition should go between 2007-2020.

As you say it will be a really interesting decade. "A agarrarse los machos".

Again, I do NOT say that it WILL be smooth, but it certainly CAN be smooth. 10-15 years are enough for building wind power , nuclear , develope the solar at home, insolate houses, get rid of inefficient cars, improve efficiencies in the chemichal industry and use the first easy alternatives for oil in the production of plastic, construction of a complete public transport system, and a railway system for the movement of goods and commodities...

A real huge change....

Take the case of Spain for example. We will increase wind production more, keep the nuclears until we obtain 33 % gas/coal, 33% nuclear 33% wind+hydro. We will need to hurry up a little bit more than expected. We will really have to invest a lot on trains and generate a real spanish rail network. And eventually we will be able to reduce the oil consumption by 50% during this period with biofuels, more efficient cars , transport of goods by train even some gas-oil transformation...then we need the jump to hydrogen in the next two decades using wind solar hydro nuclear and coal to obtain it...so it can be even easy...but again it can also very messy.

A pleasure

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by kcurie on Sun Jan 22nd, 2006 at 11:30:05 AM EST
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