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What the heck - I checked the polls. Only one of the four main pollsters released its January result so far, but that1s the one considered most neutral. It showed the same results as in December to the percent (of the two big Fidesz ahead but within the error margin, all other parties would fail at the 5% limit - including the current governing partner liberals SzDSz and the smaller right-wing opposition party MDF, both at 3%).

More interesting is the current top six of politicians by approval:

1 László Sólyom (President of the Republic) 73%
2 Ibolya Dávid (leader of MDF) 62%
3-4 Katalin Szili (president of parliament and failed P.o.t.R. candidate) 53%
3-4 Kinga Göncz (non-party-member youth/family/social/equality minister, daughter of first P.o.t.R.) 53%
5-6 Ferenc Gyurcsány (Socialist PM) 48%
5-6 Viktor Orbán (once and in his hopes future Fidesz PM) 48%

Those at positions 2-4 are women. (So were those at places 7-8 in the previous poll, but haven't seen the full results of this one so far.) None of them like Thatcher. I like Kinga Göncz, respect Ibolya Dávid and am so-so about Katalin Szili - but on balance, I'd prefer even her to either of the two macho PM-hopefuls at 5-6th place. Contrast Ibolya Dávid's popularity with that of the party she leads, and you'll see how much real influence they have... sad.

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by DoDo on Wed Jan 25th, 2006 at 02:10:22 PM EST

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