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I've been vegetarian.  I've been vegetarian for health reasons and for spiritual reasons and for political reasons.  

I'm no longer vegetarian.  

I eat meat in moderation, and began doing so out of necessity.  I apparently become anemic quite easily.  When my doctor first diagnosed me, she told me to eat a steak!  Iron suplements make me nauseous, so I've added a bit of meat back into my diet.  A few times a week.  It works for me.

(I've also been told Guiness is full of iron. No clue if it is, but I do feel better after drinking one. ;)

I do out of my way (and sometimes out of my budget) to buy meat that is free-range, not fed antibiotics or inorganic food, not industrially raised, not overly processed.  And along the way I've actually developed a deep respect for the animals I eat.  I believe in creating a symbiotic realtionship among all things where we can both respect and provide for each other.  It's bigger than just the food chain.  It's really about realizing our place in the world.

I don't think everyone needs to eat meat. And certainly people eat WAY TOO MUCH meat. Way too much.

Not everyone needs to drink alcohol either, but I don't forsee an alcohol-free future.  So I think the focus should be on striving for a way to make the raising and consumption of meat as healthy and respectful as possible, for both the animals and for us.

I still eat foie gras.  I know.  Evil...  

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -Voltaire

by p------- on Thu Jan 26th, 2006 at 12:41:29 PM EST

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