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Yes, I have been to such countries actually. And one thing about most of them is that they are largely in a climatic zone where there's a year round availability of a dizzying variety of vegetable foods, covering most nutritional bases.

Sure, those of us living nigh on the arctic could perhaps import all our vegetable needs, or greenhouse them. But there goes the small footprint agriculture argument, as we're then talking some serious use of fuels.

I think, as is the case in your example, this is more of a faith based issue than it is an economic or health based one. Not that there's anything wrong with that mind you.

I guess I'm with Denis Leary on this (yes, the smoking too):

"I love to smoke. I love to smoke and I love to eat red meat. I love to eat raw fucking red meat. Nothing I like better than sucking down a hot steaming cheese burger and a butt at the same time. I love to smoke. I love to eat red meat. I'll only eat red meat that comes from cows who smoke, ok!? Special cows they grow in Virginia with voice boxes in their necks. "[robotic voice box voice] Moo""

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by Alexander G Rubio (alexander.rubio@gmail.com) on Wed Jan 25th, 2006 at 09:55:27 PM EST
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