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Yeah, I only stated "carnivorous" and "vegetarian" when describing our teeth, as a scale of two extremes in order to place us very close to the vegetarian edge of that scale, but I know Alexandro said omnivorous. You see it's the meat, the meat ... it's making you see Sven when it's really Alexanddro!!

I'm totally not tired tonight and I don't know why, which is great as it gave me time to write a diary. But hey, it's 4 am and still not feeling tired, what shall I do ...

Hey, one thing I forgot to say, Alexandro, is that I still eat fish, eggs, dairy products, which are all animal protein. Not often, but on occasion. And I am convinced from my stay in Sri Lanka that this occasional animal protein is really all that's necessary. I do believe that human beings have evolved close to the sea and to rivers before moving inland and that fish are thus a natural part of our diet. And I have yet to come to terms with fish feelings, like you yourself have yet to do with pigs.

Talking about minimal animal protein, my best friend's son in Lanka was the best student at the Royal College there (topmost school) and never ate an ounce of meat in his life, even as a toddler! He would only have had an egg here and there when growing up. His brain is perfectly ok, and you have to consider, when reading this, that his father was (is) a vegetarian, his grand-father was a vegetarian, and so on and so forth for possibly centuries. I'm not debating by example here, consider this more like a way for me to examplify an entire nation of people who don't eat meat and who are nevertheless perfectly ok. And they're not 1m50 tall. Both my friend and his son were over 6 feet.

Like I say, animal protein is highly overrated. I'm ready to debate this until we draw first blood :))

by Alex in Toulouse on Wed Jan 25th, 2006 at 10:03:25 PM EST
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