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Frontpaging this? You know what the consequence is of that? It makes the hoop hang higher for the next time! The next time, I really need to sparkle, when I come here with a (semi-)serious item... In hindsight though, when I cut the newspaper clipping out on Tuesday with the intent to diary it, I had no idea there would be a somewhat ironic actuality tied to it at the moment of posting...

But here is a question I had for a professinal, so now I've found one. Haha!

Let's see. The research of Bartels focusses on happiness, but what often happens is that people lodges instead onto the other side: depression - also very clearly visible in this thread, might I say. I generalise, but the thought seems to be: If happiness is explained, then inherently there is an explanation for depression. Isn't that a bit jumping the gun? Is the lack of happiness always depression? I could see that they're diametrically opposed (but are they?), but isn't there a little more to to it than that?

And this is why gauging happiness was a debated issue in this research. Apparently we have sufficient methodology to decide when someone is depressed, but is there for happiness? It seems not.

by Nomad (Bjinse) on Fri Jan 27th, 2006 at 08:53:04 AM EST
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