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Great, comprehensive, disturbing, depressing diary, Sirocco.

Unfortunately there is a long history of what might be called "Arab exceptionalism" within some branches of Islam. This feeds into all the other historical issues you have noted.

Of course, this once again raises all the old issues:

Shouldn't the EU by now have a proper peacekeeping force organised for this kind of situation?

Shouldn't the UN have the funds given by members like the EU (and US) to finance an improved African Union presence?

Here, of course, is where the US (and Bush) criticism of the Security Council is all too true. There is no chance of basic rights in Darfur being protected whilst Russia and China are on the Security Council. The UN, lacking the resources to put together a truly neutral force, will not respond.

Clearly, the most pragmatic response is to fund an African Union intervention. Indeed, strengthening the African Union in many ways should be in all our interests. But sadly we don't seem to care enough.

(Side note for a future diary, the list of things the EU nations should be spending money on grows, but I don't know where the money can come from: Peacekeeping force/joint military action/supporting the AU/increased R&D/better universities/improved transport/energy policy/etc.)

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