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I realize that this isn't really central to your excellent article  but the data comparison of mixed race marriages is really not worth much.

I looked it up a while back when someone posted a Todd article that made the comparison. There are several factors. First of all the comparison seems to be of total interracial marriages (US) with current marriage patterns (elsewhere) - that is obviously misleading considering the dramatic changes that have taken place, legally and in social norms over the past couple decades. (interracial marriages have gone from less than one percent of the total to over five percent, just between 1990 and 2000 the absolute number doubled from about 1.5 million to 3 million)  Secondly, choosing the single lowest minority gender/race category in the US is also misleading. Third, Sailer (your source), is referring 1990 stats, though he says he is referring to 2000 ones   - the figure doubled from 2% to 4% for black women - which also shows the way in which cumulative stats are a tad different from current rates.

This btw, shows the danger of using info from a professional racist, which is what Steve Sailer is. Anything and everything he says has to be checked and double checked, so one might as well do the research oneself. The fact that the mainstream US media routinely treats Sailer as a reliable source is more than a little disturbing.

For stats galore see
New Marriages, New Families: U.S. Racial and Hispanic Intermarriage

by MarekNYC on Sun Jan 29th, 2006 at 02:38:25 PM EST

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