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Secondly, choosing the single lowest minority gender/race category in the US is also misleading.

I think only partially: French women of Algerian descent could also be expected to be one of the lowest minority gender/race categories.

the figure doubled from 2% to 4% for black women - which also shows the way in which cumulative stats are a tad different from current rates.

Lemme try a simple estimate: if on average, black women live 50 years after their (first) wedding, and all who died 1990-2000 had black husbands, and generations are of the same size, then that 2% rise corresponds to an average 10% "current" rate. With population growth factored in, it is much less - but the 2000 number must be above the average, so 10% can be a crude approximation.

At any rate, it is probably below the Hispanic intermarriage rate, which from your link is around that of French women of Algerian descent.

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by DoDo on Sun Jan 29th, 2006 at 05:41:30 PM EST
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