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Welcome to European Tribune, Bernard!

This diary is a excellent start. It addresses so many issues it would require several diaries to discuss them, but I generally agree with your analysis.

I share your view on how the French society could benefit from welcoming the youth from the cités. I would just add a little bémol: I think the riots could be a good thing, provided they help to transform the political field, either by influencing the parties political programmes or by generating new movements. They have helped to raise awareness, but it could be soon forgotten...

It also depends on how the left wing parties will be able to tap into this vast reserve of energy. So far, they have missed it and the way it goes doesn't make me very optimistic.

I agree with you: we old soixante-huitards should "dust off our marching boots". By the way, according to the Age poll, there are a few of us around...

And I second Jérôme: you should publish it here in full text.

"Dieu se rit des hommes qui se plaignent des conséquences alors qu'ils en chérissent les causes" Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet

by Melanchthon on Sun Jan 29th, 2006 at 08:12:17 AM EST

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