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Yes, that is the sad part, that modern technology and materials could be applied to a better standard of building than we see around us, while still being affordable. But certain paradigms tend to stick. The box has stuck around for a long time now and has become almost synonymous with modern architecture, to such a degree that people have difficulty imagining anything else.

As you rightly say, I think partial salvation lies in computer rendering tools, which makes it easier to experiment with other styles at a low cost, and opens the door to more artistically minded architects.

That may be part of the problem that the unavoidable specialisation of professions and disciplines through the years has broken the ties that once bound architects to the craftsman/artist profession they were once a part of. Remember that the great architects of the Renaissance were also painters, sculptors and whatnot besides designing buildings.

Of course, in this case a remedial course in structural engineering might be in order for the architect too...

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by Alexander G Rubio (alexander.rubio@gmail.com) on Wed Jan 4th, 2006 at 05:43:24 PM EST
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