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Truth is sometimes better hidden. I don't share the same things with every person. Some get certain things, others get other things. This is valid for partners, friends, families.

As for partners, it's only because we live in a judeo-christian heritage world bound with all sorts of taboos about mixed relations that we have all these feelings of guilt that prevent us from exploring other relations while having a partner. These feelings of guilt then naturally becomes boundaries of forbidennes, of fantsay, that make us want to explore what's beyond them.

To me it's all unfair, there is no written law that says that you can't love several people at the same time. I personally have never been unfaithful to a partner, because I was bound by these taboos. But I have been in a pair of adulterous relations, and in both cases these have reinforced that person's link to their own partner. That person and their partner were even closer together afterwards, and in those cases I was happy not to be too engaged myself, so in the end everyone was really happy. As long as we lied, of course. The truth never got out, and it's better this way.

by Alex in Toulouse on Mon Jan 30th, 2006 at 05:22:15 PM EST

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