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So, how was he brought into this?

IMHO: The main problem in the post-soviet countries is LEGALIZATION of property owned by new oligarh. Open privatization of Kryvoriz metallurgic factory with about 4,8 billion dollars (6 times more then previous privat) frightened not only ukrainien, but russian oligarhes too. Previous model used by Kuchma (former ukr president) to change rules during president elections was failed. So Putin invent the new one. He is in the scam himself, directly (I thing).

PS: If you read russian, the best sincere methodological journal in Russia is "APOLOGY"http://www.journal-apologia.ru/rnews.html?id=383&id_issue=121
It's authors consider the past and future of the post soviet republics.

Per aspera ad astra

by olexy on Thu Jan 5th, 2006 at 05:59:10 AM EST

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