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In 1981, the year Ronald Reagan entered office, the US national debt stood at roughly $950 billion.  Today, the national debt is almost $8.2 trllion.  $1.5 trllion of it came under the Clinton administration (about the same as under Bush I, though Bush was able to run it in only four years).  In other words, about $5.7 trillion -- about 70% -- of debt has been run up under the last three Republican presidents.

It's a bit even worse if you contrast public debt. (Using data in your link.)

Reagan: +$1.35 billion (first term +$0.6 billion, second -$0.75 billion)
Bush I: +$0.95 billion
Clinton: +$0.4 billion (first term +$0.7 billion, second -$0.3 billion)
Bush II first term: +$0.9 billion

Total: $4.3 billion, 3 Rep Presidents: $3.2 billion/75%

Note: not taking inflation into account, nor 2005.

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by DoDo on Fri Jan 6th, 2006 at 01:14:12 PM EST

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