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great, uber-post...and diary and all!!!

The fast dismissal and the lack of forceful PP response has made the right-wing in Spain lose track. The near future seems good for the left-wing government in Spain. Their clear left-wing you can hardly find that any more in Europe) social policies are kicking asses and the center policies on the economy seem to keep the economy... for now...going

Regarding the catalan statue, it is bascially known that there exists a pact about the differnt parties (except right-wing PP) every single-item except for one: Money.

The new judicial system for catalonia, the new distribution of power, language and probably even the definition of Catalonia (as someone wrote today in La vanguardia... Catalonia is a weird place that has more political autonomy then Scotland but less symbolic atuonomy. An Area with less political power than Baviera but with more money  and taxes than South Carolina. A place with more political autonomy than Flandes but less control over taxes than the Basque Country... you can guess it is a very difficult thing to define)...all the changes proposed by the left-wing governemnt in Madrid have been accepted by the Catalna parties...But the problem of what taxes are collected by who is the last unsolved issue.

Why? well...two things. First issue is whether the Catalan system of taxes should be different than other regions and nations in Spain (never as independent as in the basque country), or, on the other hand, the system should apply for all the regions and areas in Spain... Deciding which things would be general and which particular is really a tough game since PSOE also controls other importnat regions and nations in Spain which are sources of a great deal of their votes and in need of money...so they have to be very careful not to affect economically these regions.

The second issue on money is, of course, pure central/federal dispute. This is, once it is decided which things will be general (and I advance that most of the tax system in Catalonia will be extended to all Spain..because PSOE can not affor to do otherwise).. the question is.. how much will be "these things"? how much money will the central government leave to the different regions of Spain...

This is the key of the double political fight. As Migeru said,a typical political fight which now reduces to money, taxes, resources, etc...a typical political fight that some people are always interested to use as a Spaniards-against-Spaniards stuff.. it gives votes, you know.

Great Stuff Migeru!!!!!

I therefore claim to show, not how men think in myths, but how myths operate in men's minds without their being aware of the fact. Levi-Strauss, Claude

by kcurie on Sun Jan 8th, 2006 at 01:22:22 PM EST

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