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Agreed, blackhawk.

If you cannot tell from a cursory reading that this is anti-Russian, well...

He makes sweeping generalizations about the Russian state based on personal experience with his neighbors bulldozing a "disused airfield", which apparently is used by his kids to ride their bikes.

Secondly, the Putin "dacha" or "cottage" (it was about the size of Sandringham) was built at amazing speed and great secrecy on a disused airfield at the edge of our village. That infuriated my sons, who were learning to ride bicycles there. It also illustrated an important point about the way the Russian state works. It may be corrupt, lethargic, and stunningly incompetent in general. But when the man at the top wants something done, it happens fast and ruthlessly.

My neighborhood has been trying to put in sidewalks for the past couple of years.  To do this, we need the unanimous approval of everyone living there.  Two households are still witholding their approval.  Both are older couples who say, "We don't want sidewalks.  If we put them in, we'll have crazy skate-boarding punks passing our house all the time."  In the same situation, Lucas would invariably infer that all Americans are anti-youth.

by slaboymni on Mon Jan 9th, 2006 at 11:26:20 AM EST
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