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From: "Robert Harneis" <r.harneis@wanadoo.fr>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006

Permit me to comment on 'Vladimir Putin. Magician, Mouse or Monster' by Edward Lucas, who ought to know his Russia. He writes,"Mr Putin is the first Russian leader since Peter the Great to have thesimple advantages of being punctual, efficient, fit, sober and concise."

He seems to have overlooked Catherine the Great, who did pretty well and reportedly often walked ten miles a day. As I understand it Peter the Great was not terrible famous for sobriety. More serioulsy he seems unable to grasp that attempting to re-establish strategic positions recklessly abandoned by his predecessors is not only normal but inevitable. The Russians are agressive he says but it is the United States that now entirely funds the Georgian army and is desperate to rush the Ukraine into NATO. How does he think the USA would react if the Russians constantly stirred up trouble in the former Mexican possessions in the south west of the United States? In addition it would help if he and others did not consistently refer to the Soviet Union and Russia as if they were one and the same thing.

Robert Harneis
European Correspondent

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