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My first post around here so I'm going for the jugular:the NATO engagement in Afghanistan - can't win, OK-agreed? War NOT longterm winnable for same reasons why Brit-Raj lost, Russia lost (and no Russia did not lose merely because of US funding of Taliban plus AQ, real reasons being G4 warfare fuelled by Afghanis' acute zenophobia re pink-skinned non-Muslim foreign invaders-whoever-they-may-be). Both US and non-US NATO are currently saying this is NATO's testing-ground but most European NATO-troop suppliers are ambiguously still hanging around but looking more and more vague about it all, scratching and/or catching butterflies... saying "hey we only signed up for reconstruction aid" and/or "sorry but we have far more urgent business elsewhere" (i.e. too busy peacekeeping MINUS NATO in Lebanon which is MED i.e. Southern European direct zone-of-interest). US has tried to cast NATO as its lighting-rod here as it's a sure thing the mission will mess up... question is, will the defeat/failure/mess finally bring NATO crashing down with it?  And if/when it does, good thing or bad thing? Opinions, anyone?      

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