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I have read your replies to my comments, and re-read your post.  

I don't think I have ever read anything so depressing--at least not since spending a day and a half on the Die-Off website.  

Or reading about Easter Island.  

You have convinced me:  This thing is fated to occur.  

Not for the reasons Crutzen suggests.  

Most certainly not.  

It will be used, but NOT to transition to a lower-energy, lower CO2-producing way of life.  I love Jerome's windmills, but I have yet to hear any but a few fans of greening advocate for the lower-energy way of life they imply.  Our politicians don't want that, (more importantly) our corporations don't want that, and (incidently) it appears most folk in America don't want that either.  Our civilization is quite obviously addicted to oil and does not plan to change.  If stratopheric SO2-injection can keep the addiction going, then plainly, it will be used, and the addiction will be KEPT going.  

Why do I say this?  I intuit it from the fact that even before SO2 injection becomes well-known as a possible technique, it is gaining strong support from those most invested in continuing the addiction.  

We are not dealing with a chemistry problem, nor an engineering problem, nor even an environmental problem, but a political problem, and a human and spiritual problem of precisely the sort our political and social institutions are not suited to solve.  

This means we are now in the death-slide.  As our civilization seeks (not-quite consciously) to destroy what is left of the Earth, it also sets in motion its own destruction.  So destruction will occur.  In effect we are in a race:  How much of the Earth can be destroyed before our civilization finally goes down for good?  Evidently, the longer our civilization can be propped up, the greater the destruction, and the more desolate post-boundary period to follow.  

Notice that with collapse, SO2-injection will stop, and the effects of lower, normal albedo will kick back in.  The masked effects of previous CO2 emission will kick in with it, and we move to our WORST AVAILABLE global warming case.  

Whether or not humans survive the boundary, less desolation rather than more is plainly desirable.  SO2 injection will increase the post-boundary desolation.  If their are any human survivors, they will not be grateful for this.  

The inevitability of SO2 injection leads to a conclusion:  

It is not desirable to prolong our civilization.  Prolonging just increases the accumulated damage.  

The Fates are kind.

by Gaianne on Sat Oct 14th, 2006 at 01:44:42 AM EST

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