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Sven suggests this is an automated process based at its lowest level on amoeba-like attract/repel etc. forces.  Did I undestand that right, sven?  All complexity is built as these small parts aggregate.  This suggests that me typing this and you typing that are to be understood as physically determined processes.

As I understand it, though, the idea of the meta-programmer introduces some extra space between input and output (action-reaction).  A contemplative area where choices can be made.  The speiciesists among us (not you) see a division between us humans and every other living thing.

I think any drawing of this line is impossible (levels, degrees etc.)

So...contemplation and choice.  I know that's an unfinished thought.

Their structure is determined during development by an interplay of the decoding and transcription process of DNA with the foetal environment

And an interplay between the foetus and the external world, and all those levels of action-contemplation-reaction...a pure mechanical process has no space for contemplation (chance?)...which (to go back to the subject of the diary) is the element science has to avoid--controlled experiments--trying to nail the moment and see finally everything that is happening, and what is proposed as an alternative view, where Chance is a key and un-removable attribute to the system.

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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