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What I don't accept is that anything called 'soul' is transferrable beyond the physical limits of a brain (human or otherwise).

You're thinking of the soul as a thing, then, as opposed to consciousness...which is not a thing, but a process?

I don't think I've quite got your meaning.

(I don't see how you can categorically state that processes of 'understanding'--sentience?--are held within the body...Jung's collective unconscious...

A friend of mine, a pure scientific rationalist, came to the conclusion that we do have a "race memory": he said we had two basic fears: of volcanos and of ice, coz those have always been the two that have wiped us out.  I'm digressing wildly.

But Ikernov Nussink.

So, you state categorically that 'consciousness' is the "I", a process created by complexity of a system, and disappears at the death of the complex system...?

(I'm thinking of, was it das monde?, who wrote about the consciousness of the planet.)

(My personal experience is that part of my "I" used to be a chinese town planner back in the seventeenth or eighteenth century...big towns, no cars, elegant structures but nothing showy.  Bloody drugs mate, rot yer brain...)

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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