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religion filled the empty hours for thousands of years, flowing out of storytelling and oral history, respect for tribal taboos, and an aesop-like desire to encapsulate moral lessons into the tribal dna, to stop having to learn them again the hard way.

example: how many generations of humans ran their course before noticing the negative results of incest, and thus incorporated strictures into their respective codices?

religions sought to soothe fears, of death principally, of the unknown, of misfortune, and most importantly of incomprehension.

by modelling morality into plays, stories and myths, civilisation has given us a huge spiritual repository of concentrated illumination, even for atheists, who might quote a greek philosopher, speak of a procrustean bed, icarus's hubris etc, and never think of religion while doing so.

point being, religion was entertainment originally, as it still very much is in india for example, where wandering troupes of players still enact the dramas of hindu religious texts.

passing the time...and there seems to be a pattern that shows the most global and enduring myths were born in desert cultures, where emptiness yawned outside the tents, and the survival of culture depended on rigorous tradition for mental balance, just as their physiologies depended on the rare oases, tiny islands in a vast sea of shifting sand.

catholic liturgy is still charged with theatrical values, eastern christianity even more so, protestantism less.

new age religions take the 'do-no-harm' road of buddhism, and are a result of seeing how much harm has been done by orthodoxy and especially the use of religions to justify land and resource grabs.

perhaps hypocrisy is the yin to the yang of codified beliefs?

'to live outside the law you must be honest' .....bob dylan

the established religions are a dying form of entertainment compared to the 'new religion' of Entertainment, ie most people would rather watch a good movie on sound surround and have it move them than gather to listen to stories of how a good shepherd lived 2000+ years ago....yes there will be countless exceptions....lol

as dvd players, laptops, projectors, wimax, large cheap storage and bandwidth continue to break down cultural walls and blow our minds better than rocking back and forth with funny hats on, so we will see a savvier world populus, one less inclined to accept pious homilies to accept their suffering with the appropriate humility, from jewelled pontiffs whose ring collection could feed the poor of an entire country!

honestly if a martian landed and saw millions of barefoot peasants contributing their little pesos to keep the 'mother' church in material splendour, while they continued to grub unenviable existences on the marginal lands their corporate masters had pushed them onto.....

his little green noggin would explode!

secular art will be the dominant form of worship, reverence will return to the miracle web of life we weave and are woven into.

religions as we know them will become museum pieces of early human evolution of social systems. archaic legends, curious, enchanting, but sadly, also staggeringly destructive.

there comes a time to throw away the crutches, and meet the joy of dancing without them head-on.

can you tell i went to a party last night?!

any religion that doesn't involve large dollops of fun and abandon as well as solemnity and awe, SUX AND WILL BE SUPERCEDED!

or is that super-seeded?

peace out

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sun Oct 22nd, 2006 at 07:07:08 AM EST

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