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Hi jandsm, good luck with your new job ;)

I decided early on, I wanted to run for a seat in the "Regionsversammlung", the Regional assembly of the Region, an 84 member parliament. And so I did run in a very socially problematic district in the city. It was a fascinating thing to do. Every week we would be out on the streets, distributing 80.000 self-produced magazines. We would hang more than 2.500 posters all across the region. I have been to areas of the city I had never been to before.

Have you got (or would you mind giving us) some costs for this?

Also, how long did your campaign run?  Did you go from Feb to Sept.?

And (a lot of questions, I know): How many people do you represent?

Is yours a paid position?  (Our local councillors get expenses but no salaries...I'm not sure how the situations compare...)

Anyway, good luck.

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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