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There is also the issue of the abysmal lifetime of consumer electronics. In particular computers, where you have to get a new one every couple of years to stay current with the latest, more resource heavy applications. Moving to a sustainable economy would presumably also mean directing development toward longer lifetime products to reduce raw material and energy required for production. How much energy is currently used for the production, moving around of, and disposal of "stuff", and how much could we reduce our energy consumption here without much reduction in "standard of living" simply by having product with longer lifetime?
Not a popular idea since it would cause the selling of less stuff and less economic activity which would not be good for GDP growth...

I frequently dream of a stagnation in standard PC computing power and longer lifetimes. I think it do wonders for software development, where programmers would again have to think a bit about clever resource use and not simply produce the maximally bloated versions that can run thanks to increase in power but have seemingly no more useable features than past, slimmer versions.

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