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The American transportation problem is grossly overstated. Electric trains are superbly suited for transporting food and for long-distance travel. Electric trolley-busses can solve America's local transportation problems with little real change in lifestyle, and the capital cost is not all that high. (Fewer Hummers does not equal "real" change, if you ask me, although others may not agree.)

Where does all the electricity come from? I think coal, but also possibly nukes or wind or your-favorite-renewable-resource.

What is understated is the effect of climate change, which might eliminate snowfall in the Rocky Mountains, making it impossible to live here or irrigate crops in California and Arizona (both fed largely by Rocky Mountain water). Of course there is desalination, and a big desert nearby...

The real problem is not in America, but in the Third World, where the economic resources to react to climate change and more expensive energy aren't available.

by asdf on Tue Oct 31st, 2006 at 10:24:24 PM EST
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