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I own a small apartment building in Canada. I have been keeping a bit of an eye on hydrogen fuel cells. Ideally we would like to install and heat hot water with a fuel cell, recharging it off the grid in non-peak time.  Probably it will take a very long time before it becomes financial feasible. While the cost of electricity is discounted for non-peak times, the cost of transmission (and all the other sub-charges) are not discounted - radically diminishing the advantages of arranging to use off peak power.

We recently needed to replace our flat roof. There were a number of choices, but when analyzed financially, only two really made sense. The short term $10,000 membrane roof with an expected life between 10 and 15 years and the Cadillac long term $30,000 roof with an additional R12 of insulation with an expected life between 40 and 50 years. Given the way small apartment buildings turn over, the first choice is often the most financially desirable. That needs to change. (By the way we went with the Cadillac. Even though it is somewhat unlikely we will hang on to this building for another 10 years.) Oh - our building is heated by electric baseboard.

aspiring to genteel poverty

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