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...how sustainable are the Amish? And how far can we stretch the Amish starting point into a modernly equipped community without losing sustainability? I've always wondered about this...

I can't find a post from DeAnander on this - but she has been philosophising that the only possible way to get traction to a trend of sustainable community building was a combination of introducing self-sustainability coupled to hipness factors, glossed over with I-pod-like smart and sexy coolness. And I agree with that. Even for the communities you suggest, the hippy stigma is a bit hard to shake off and is decidedly uncool amongst Cosmopolitan et al readers.

Public figures can only go so far, I fear. It won't work as long as Neil Young drives around in a SUV - even when it is 100% on ethanol and does not directly contribute to CO2 emission. We hit the intensity vs emission problem again one way or the other. Then again, prince Charles was doing something interesting in his principality, though - perhaps you've heard about this?

by Nomad on Tue Oct 31st, 2006 at 12:24:55 PM EST
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