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lol. Back in 1992 I did something like that in the primaries - voting in the Repub one for Buchanan. (IIRC I didn't have to even reregister since the RI primaries were open) But that wasn't a general and I didn't have strong feelings in the Dem primary. That period was also one of the rare times I voted for a repub in a general - I figured that given the choice between a corrupt, mobbed up, torturing (personally) Dem and a generic Repub I'll take the Repub (Mayor Buddy Cianci was out of prison for having a cop hold down his wife's lover while he beat him with a hot poker and put cigs out on his eyelids in his earlier stint as mayor, he won anyways, supposedly helped by a big turnout in the cemeteries up in the Italian neighbourhoods, but is back in prison now on racketeering charges).
by MarekNYC on Wed Oct 4th, 2006 at 06:58:34 PM EST
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