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I believe prices are hovering just under the psychological barrier of £1/l and just over €1/l.

$4.24/gal(US) is $1.12/l or £0.60/l.

So, 2/3 of the price of fuel in the UK is tax.

$1/l = $3.79/gal(US)
€1/l = $4.77/gal(US)
£1/l = $7.08/gal(US)

as of today.

Wikipedia: Gasoline usage and pricing:

Norway (Oslo): $7.68/gal on August 8, 2006
UK: $5.58/gal on September 29, 2006
Germany: $5.29/gal on September 29, 2006
US: $2.38/gal on September 25, 2006
Venezuela (Caracas): $0.14/gal on September 29, 2006

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