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In the long run, we're all dead. John Maynard Keynes
by Jerome a Paris (etg@eurotrib.com) on Sat Oct 7th, 2006 at 04:58:32 AM EST
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Imagine "driving to see your family to the next country over shouldn't cost €200".

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy They first make mad. -- Euripides
by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Sat Oct 7th, 2006 at 05:13:39 AM EST
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Translation: "I've always been this profligate, so must be my God-given right."

<bangs head on keyboard>

The fact is that what we're experiencing right now is a top-down disaster. -Paul Krugman

by dvx (dvx.clt št gmail dotcom) on Sat Oct 7th, 2006 at 05:31:40 AM EST
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