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I don't remember much connection to WWII being made, but there was heavy discontent with the bombing in Serbia both in Germany and elsewhere. Some opposed it from the onset, others when realising that it is senseless destruction and won't even achieve its target (force Milo to concessions with terror bombing).

There is also a court case in Germany that got much airtime, a suit against NATO and due to its membership Germany for the bombing of the bridge at Varvarin. Though courts in two instances refused to accept competence in the case, newspapers brought the damning details (there was an agriculture fair at the time, the [US] pilot saw and reported tractors but his order was reinforced, there was a second bombing run on the already destroyed bridge while people tried to save survivors from the river; all the while the bridge was in Serbia, was unsuitable for the passage of tanks, and analysts say the only reason it was bombed was that bad weather prevented the plane to reach its primary target in Kosovo, but the bombs had to be dropped to fulfill the day's bombing tonnage quota).

Beyond the bridge bombings and the Chinese embassy and refugee trails and refineries, here in Hungary, the 100% senseless bombing of the bridges in Novi Sad (to the North of Belgrade with zero military significance, in a city controlled by the opposition) had the strongest effect.

I note I don't know about German planes over Belgrade, the German Tornados usually cruised over Kosovo to give air cover by bombing radar equipment (that's what those Tornados were equipped for).

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