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It's not just Sweden. In Germany, like in Britain, there too has been a massive reduction in the number of party members, yet last time numbers were in the news, the SPD had 567,925, CDU 561,070 members. Even the Left Party and the FDP has 60,000 members each. The country has only one third more citizens than France or Britain.

On the other hand, here in Hungary, the 30-40,000 members of the Socialists (you can't be sure of the exact number, there has been a scandal of fictious party members that is said to be the tip of the iceberg) are in line with the French or British numbers (multiply by six for population correction). Here it is seen as a low number, and interpreted as a weakness of both democracy (lack of committed political activism) and parliamentarism (parties not deeply embedded in society).

I wonder if Migeru can dig up Spanish numbers.

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