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Unfortunately the French Greens have a noted record of Anti-Semitism within part of its ranks.  Probably I should characterise it as more Anti-Israel or Anti-Israeli Government, uncritically only seeing Israel or its Government as merely an extension of the USA military establishment.  Again this is not peculiar to France, Green Parties in other countries have had this as well to a more or less extent.

This is in contrast to more mainstream Green policy which deplores the excesses on both sides (Israeli and Palestinian) and seeks to find a peaceful way to have 2 independent and viable states next to each other both taking good care of their environments!

This article from Wikipedia addresses the particular issue in regard to France, but if you Google Ginette Skandrani's name, you will get more detailed info in French and English.

One of the party's co-founders, Ginette Skandrani, had long attracted criticism due to her involvement with holocaust deniers.[1]. The Stephen Roth Institute criticized the Green Party in 2004, calling its record "tainted by abortive attempts to expel from within its ranks notorious anti-Jewish activist Ginette Skandrani herself ethnically Jewish[2] who has close contacts with Holocaust deniers." [3].

Other critics, such as Roger Cukierman of the CRIF (council of French Jewish organisations) did not attack the party as a whole, but rather its anti-zionist wing, claiming that it promoted a "brown-green alliance".[1]

In June, 2005, the Greens voted to permanantly expell Skandrani. Among the reasons for her definitlve expulsion were her participation in the holocaust-denial website Aaargh (Association des anciens amateurs de récits de guerres et d'holocaustes).[1] Patrick Farbiaz, a Green leader involved in her explusion, argued that "although she has not written [anti-Semetic texts] herself, she looks like a kingpen of holocaust deniers and avowed antisemites".[1]

The party had previously expelled another co-founder (in 1991), Jean Brière, for signing a text addressing the alleged "war-causing role" of Israel and "the zionist lobby in the Gulf War.[1]

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