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in particular.

I have worked with the Greens in Australia and globally for decades, and the trial and expulsion of Ginette Skandrani made a lot of news within Green circles and was outlined in an article in the June 30th, 2005 edition of Liberation under the title of: "Une verte trop brune exclue du parti".  The link is here.

This article does note that her role in the party had gradually reduced in recent times, but her outlandish politics may well have been a main reason.

Also I qualified my comment to state:

Unfortunately the French Greens have a noted record of Anti-Semitism within part of its ranks.  Probably I should characterise it as more Anti-Israel or Anti-Israeli Government, uncritically only seeing Israel or its Government as merely an extension of the USA military establishment.  Again this is not peculiar to France, Green Parties in other countries have had this as well to a more or less extent.

While I agree with you that the party has dealt with the situation very well, the fact that two co-founders have been expelled for the same reason does point to a real and noted undercurrent even if not a particularly powerful or successful one.

I am also not sure if the French Greens are powerful or large enough to warrant much/any focus from "rightwing propaganda coming from US and Israel", but honestly I do not really know. I have never seen any overt examples of it in relation to the French Greens although the story is a bit different in relation to the German Greens who, due to holding the balance of power with the SPD, have borne relentless propaganda attacks from rightwing forces outside Germany.

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