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I don't understand this diary -- or rather, I'm afraid I do, and it's based on a misunderstanding of and contempt for France. I'm not going to say everything is fine in France. There are many real problems. But this:

With choices like this for their presidency, no wonder the situation in France is hopeless!!

kinda gives the game away, imho.

OK. The Rainbow Warrior attack was an appalling, stupid, and unfortunately deadly blunder on the part of the French secret services and of François Mittereand, who gave the go-ahead.

Ségolène Royal was then a junior advisor in the Elysée's general secretariat, which is not a small group of people spending their time in the President's office listening to secrets. Ségolène Royal's remit was health, environment, and youth questions. There is absolutely no reason to suppose she would be told about a top-secret military operation, and she most certainly would not have been involved in its planning. Her brother was a special agent and soldier, and the mission he was sent on was top-secret. There is no reason why he should have blabbed the secret to his sister.

It has long been known that Gérard Royal was involved in the Rainbow Warrior mission, and Ségolène Royal is not denying it. But your supposition that she was necessarily part of the Rainbow Warrior plot has neither proof nor likelihood in favour of it. Yet, when you say she refuses to "come clean", you are finding her guilty in advance.

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