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A lot of Scaramellas around, it seems to be quite a common surname... a google-search showed there are lots of 'em in the US too.  

The name Scaramella has a rather comical sound in Italian - not quite as outrageously ridiculous as "Pio Pompa" (Pious Pump!!)- but it nonetheless has an antiheroic Commedia dell'Arte tang to it... along the same lines as Sganarello, but somehow plumper-sounding...?  

And thanks to the google I've discovered that "Scaramella" is in fact the burlesque hero of a famous 15th century madrigal by Josquin des Prez:

Scaramella is a commedia-type character who is supposedly off to war with sword and buckler but in fact is more interested in impressing the ladies:


Scaramella va alla guerra
colla lancia et la rotella
La zombero boro borombetta,
La boro borombo

Scaramella fa la gala
colla scharpa et la stivala
La zombero boro borombetta,
La zombero boro borombo


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