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Nicolò Pollari, head of the Italian Military Intelligence has finally been substituted this morning. The new director will be Admiral Bruno Branciforte, actual commander in chief of the Naval Forces.

The Prodi government also substituted the head of the Civilian Intelligence Service, the Sisde. General Mario Mori will be substituted by Franco Gabrielli, head of the special police, the Digos, who owes his success to having defeated the new Red Brigades following the murder of Professor Biagi.

Giuseppe Cucchi has been nominated to head the Cesis, the service that coordinates both intelligence agencies. The present director is Emilio del Mese.

The substitution of all the heads of the services at the same time is not well viewed as it tends to associate Mori and del Mese with the disastrous management of the Sismi by Pollari.

Pollari is presently under investigation for his alleged role in the kidnapping of Abu Omar. He is also linked to major smear campaigns against "Berlusconi's enemies" such as the Telekom Serbija smear or the accusations that Prodi as EU High Commisioner had authorized the so-called "extraordinary renditions."

Pollari's Sismi is also responsible for fabricating several false terrorist alerts since 2001 and may be linked to the fabrication false evidence against Arab citizens accused of terrorism.

His substitution was long overdue. Last week Pollari profited form government inertia by appointing ten of his men to key positions within the Sismi.

The substitutions will take effect on December 16th.

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