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Short... because my brand new computer also crashed in my office ( I have been one month and a half without computer... and counting...the laptop should be back soon...I hope) and I am writing from a family computer.

Two things. the important thing to track is the loss of vote (in total). PSC lost a quarter of a million vote...main reason: Maragall wa snot there , the previous president...and all the loss was from spanish speaker in the red citites aroudn Barcelona. As weird as it can seem, nobody mobilize more voters among non-catalans and charnegos than Maragall (the typical example of long-lasting catalan family). Yes.. Maragall (as Pujol) were unique figures...they can get 250 kvotes... I do not know who sell Zapatero that the extra votes of Maragall came mainly from the catalan burgueosy...stupid, stupid, dumb and nerd. Maragall is a more-than-party figure, a media crack in  the red cities of catalonia... A faaous radio figure called Justo MOlinero knows it.. the two figures than can carry 250-400 extra kvotes are only Maragall an another catalan PSC politician called Manuela de Madre, they were always on the air during the elections, ubiquosly.
On the other hand CIU also lost 100 kvotes... and this was indeed surprising..nobody expected.. why they left the party and stayed home?? what heppened??? Zapatero expected those votes for CIU because he would have prefered a stronger showing of CIU so as to make a strong PSC in the opposition (yeah we all know that ZP did not want their own party to win absolutely but remain strong).. now PSC is a key to make the government.. and if PSC makes a fomral agreement with CIu.. then PSC will bleed even more.

And one last comment. Behind Ciutadans there is a group of justice pro-Franco intelectuals belonging to the Law faculties in the catalan university. The main driving force behind Ciutadans is the hard-core right...wiht the hope that some day they can get votes from PSC. On the social-economy front it is not clear if they are center or left or right, nobody knows what they stand for beside trying to erode the left spanish speaker front in the future

That was all...short....

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