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Arcadi is spanish nationalistic...also Boadella...but they have distanced themselves a little bit, they like the idea of the party but not the elite which is presently behind it. So, they will support it fromt he distance.... and I will not be surprised if Arcadi ends up in la COPE... Boadella is always  a mistery.

PP also lost votes in the red cities. PP vote is very loyal.. still they lost 80 kvotes.. the same number that voted for Ciutadans.. I would say that more than 3/4 votes of ciutadasn come from PP... may be 4/5. But in the future, of course, they want to get votes from PSC... they need a trojan horse.. someone that can appear in the catalan media and defend more spanish nationalistic positions from a psuude-left.. like the Green party in the US funded by the Republicans. But the start-up of the party are the COPE listeners..most of them spanish speakers in the red-cities. COPE listeners hate Pique, the catalan PP president.

In the future of course, they could mobilize the left-vote.. specially without Maragall.. the only no-charnego (and chernego for that matter) who spent all the weekend for a decade living in red spanish-speaker neighborhood among inmigrant families. And with M. de Madre out because of the serious illness she has... I predict tough time for PSC in Catalonia..and for Zapatero. I would call it the MAragall blunder... who was the stupid!!! IT is like Chavez in Andalucia. The PSOE vote is A Zapatero-Chavez vote, and in Catalonia  it was a Zapater-Maragall vote... you get rid of one.. you get rid of the hegemony.

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by kcurie on Thu Nov 2nd, 2006 at 11:28:49 AM EST
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